Agropharm PreVent Natural Insect Repellent

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PreVent provides extremely effective protection for up to 6 hours against insects that bite or sting.

It does this in three ways:

  • repellent properties stop insects getting near to you
  • it interferes with the biting ability of the insect, making them unable to bite you
  • it can be used as a space spray, clearing or killing insects in the area around you, home, office, hotel, motor home, caravan, etc.

Using 100% natural Pyrethrum, harvested from African Chrysanthemums, PreVent will not cause skin irritation and is suitable for children over the age of one year.

Supplied in a convenient 25g spray, it is unobtrusive, pocket-sized but can dispense up to 400 doses.

Forget repellents with nasty smells or harsh chemicals, PreVent has a pleasing citrus odour and does not contain DEET, so will not damage plastics.

Use PreVent for protection from:

  • mosquitoes
  • flies
  • fleas
  • wasps
  • midges
  • gnats
  • sandflies
  • other biting and crawling insects

PreVent is ideal for outdoor protection against biting insects whilst on the beach, camping, climbing, hiking, in the garden, BBQs etc.

Contains 1% pyrethrins.