Concept Research FoxWatch Fox Repeller

Concept Research FoxWatch Fox Repeller (image)FoxWatch Fox Repeller

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FoxWatch Coverage

FoxWatch is an extremely effective fox deterrent as it 'teaches' the fox that it is unwelcome. It will work the same way for dogs.

As the fox enters the detection zone of the FoxWatch, it is subject to exceptionally loud ultrasonic sound, although this in inaudible to humans, foxes can hear it very clearly.

As the fox moves away, the device switches off and the fox learns to associate the noise with it's movement in that particular area.

The FoxWatch is very simple to set up and can be powered by a 'PP3' type 9 volt battery (small rectangular with two connectors on top) or a mains adapter, both of these can be added during the checkout process.

The device will cover up to 1350 square feet, see diagram.

Most other creatures are not affected with the exception of dogs and no other animals are disturbed.

It is rated as 'Britain's most effective fox deterrent' and is sold with a 2 year warranty.