Defenders Mega Sonic Woof! Woof! Dog Bark Controller

Defenders Mega-Sonic Woof Woof (image)Mega-Sonic Woof Woof

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The Mega-Sonic Woof! Woof! is designed to train dogs not to bark continually or out of habit.

How does it work?

The noise of the dog barking activates the device, which emits ultrasonic or high frequency sound and the dog begins to realise that if it doesn't bark, it doesn't hear the sound.

Can I use it on my neighbour's dog?

Yes. However there must be clear space between the speaker and the dog. Ultrasonic sound will be blocked by anything in the way (even vegetation) and the dog will be unaware of the effect. The unit must be mounted within 15m of the dog and aimed at it as accurately as possible.

How long will it take to work?

Dogs learn at different rates. Some dogs may show a change in behaviour in the first few days, some make take considerably longer depending on how habitual their barking is. Also, the setting up may require some trial and error to get the best results.

Can I mount the dog trainer outside?

Yes. It is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

How is it powered?

Powered by batteries, 4 × D cells are required. The unit is shipped without batteries, but these can be ordered from us if required. Alternatively a mains adaptor can be used which also may be ordered from us.

How do I mount it?

An adjustable bracket allows fixing to a wall, fence, post or where ever is convenient.

Will this hurt the dog or any other creature?

No, it is purely a training device and will not cause harm.