Anti Perch Pigeon Spikes

Jones and Son Anti Perch Spikes (image)Anti Perch Bird Spikes

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Anti-perch spikes offer a way of stopping pigeons from perching on gutters, ledges, sills, television aerials, shop front signs and many other places pigeons present a problem.

Made from very tough Durolon ultraviolet-stabilised polycarbonate, the strips of spikes can be fixed in place easily with screws, nails, adhesive or cable ties.

We offer a high quality fixing adhesive which will work effectively in conditions where cheaper alternatives may not. This can be ordered at the same time as the spikes if required.

Special clips are available to fix the spikes to guttering or window frames, the window frame clips allow windows to be opened which may not be the case if the spikes are fixed to a sill.

The spikes are manufactured in lengths of 13 inches (335mm) with three strips making up a 1 metre length.

The width of protection (span of the spikes) is 8 inches (200mm), if this is too wide the spikes can be cut or broken off.

These spikes are popular for protecting TV aerials and a kit for this purpose is offered [here].