Chimney Pot Bird Spikes

Jones and Son Chimney Pot Bird Spikes (image)Chimney Pot Bird Spikes

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Aimed at primarily deterring pigeons, the Chimney Pot Anti Perch Spike is also very capable of stopping gulls and other similar sized birds from coming to land on chimney pots.

A flexible metal strap with spikes attached is wrapped around the chimney pot and a spring clip locks it in place providing a physical barrier to stop birds gathering on top of the chimney.

The strap is 3.5 feet (107 cm) in length and will wrap around any chimney pot, regardless of shape - even square ones.

Due to the simplicity of the design, installation can be carried out in seconds with no tools or adhesives necessary.

The spikes will not present a problem when the chimmey is being swept as the brush can easily push straight past.

As the strap and spikes are manufactured from stainless steel, they will continue to offer protection for many years to come.

Each pin is 8 inches (200mm) high and 1/16th inch (1.8mm) thick.