Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes

Jones and Son Stainless Steel Spikes (image)Anti Perch Bird Spikes

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Strip of anti-perch stainless steel bird spikes to protect against pigeons and other birds landing and roosting.

Each strip consists of a tough plastic base with 304 grade, 8 inch (203mm) stainless steel spikes which, unlike plastic spikes, will not break.

Strips come in lengths of 335mm (13 inches) and can be fixed in place with screws, nails, cable ties or fixing adhesive. Clips specifically designed for attaching spikes to guttering or window frames are also available.

We recommend using a high quality fixing adhesive, which will work where others may not. Simply add to your order as required.

The spikes are supplied in units of 1 metre, comprising 3 × 335mm strips. If necessary, a strip can easily be shortened, simply by cutting the plastic base for a perfect fit.