Martley MP1B Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Martley MP1B Bird Repeller (image)MP1B Bird Repeller

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The Martley MP1B is a single-speaker bird repeller, producing powerful high frequency sound, making it ideal for use in areas where audible sound is not an option.

Powerful ultrasonic sound is emitted continuously, with frequencies that are constantly changing to ensure the creatures cannot adapt to it or are not irritated by certain frequencies. A daylight sensor controls whether or not there is output at during the hours of darkness, this can be overriden and the machine can be set to run 24/7, during the light or just during darkness.

In addition to sound, the MP1 also has the option of ultraviolet LEDs. Birds see UV light that humans are unable to and the LEDs are mounted around the speaker and light sequentially to give the impression of moving around the speaker adding a visual deterrent.

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, the MP1B has a effective range of up to 50 feet (15m) and is successful on many species of bird.

An adjustable bracket on the back of the unit allows for fixing to a wall, fence, post etc. Then, simply aim the device at the birds or the area they are in. A clear, unobstructed line of sight is required for the device to work correctly.

The MP1B can be powered either by a mains adapter or from a 12 volt battery. If using a battery and a solar panel charger, then a battery with a capacity of 50ah or greater is required or a charge controller must be used to avoid damaging the battery.