Martley MP1F Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Repeller

Martley MP1F Fox & Badger Repeller (image)MP1F Fox & Badger Repeller

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The Martley MP1F badger and fox repellent uses powerful waves of ultrasonic sound to deter pests. The animals find the sound, which is effective for up to 15 metres (50 feet), uncomfortable to be near and move away to a different area.

As another deterrent, a pair of red LEDs, below the speaker, flash continually to convince the intruder they are being watched by a possible predator.

The device is supplied with an adjustable bracket already attached, allowing it to be mounted to a wall, fence, post, etc. Allowing to be aimed directly at the pest or the area to be protected.

A power lead of 10 metre length allows connection to a mains adapter (like a mobile phone charger) or a 12 volt leisure or car type battery. For battery powered units, we offer accessories such as a solar panel battery charger and a battery box.