Martley MP3B Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Martley MP3B Bird Repeller (image)MP3B Bird Repeller

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The MP3B has 4 speakers to emit high frequency ultrasonic sound in four different directions which can make it easier to cover larger areas such as roof areas in factories, storage areas, hangars, etc.

A strobe which flashes for short periods at random intervals adds another deterrent effect.

A daylight sensor is built into the MP3B which allows it to switch off during darkness or daylight, whichever is required, or it can operate continuously by disabling the sensor.

For best results, the birds must be closer than 15 metres (50 feet).

A 10 metre long power lead is attached to the unit which allows for connection to a mains adapter, (like a mobile phone charger) or a 12 volt leisure / car type battery. For battery powered units, we offer accessories such as a solar panel battery charger and a battery box.