Martley MPR10 Electro Magnetic Pest Repeller

Martley MPR10 Pest Repeller (image)MPR10 Pest Repeller

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The Martley MPR10 turns the wiring of your home into a protective force field, causing any resident rodents to move out for good.

Simple to use, the MPR10 plugs directly into any 3 pin mains socket and gets to work immediately, penetrating the hidden areas of your property where rodents can lurk, including:

  • cavities in the walls
  • spaces between floors
  • channels for electrical wiring
  • cellar, loft & attic areas

...and many more.

Unlike common ultrasonic repellers that require open spaces to work effectively, the MPR10 dynamically alters the electro-magnetic field around the electrical wiring throughout your house.

Small rodent creatures, such as a mouse or rat, are sensitive to this, causing an irritating effect which makes them so uncomfortable they just want to leave the property.

A single MPR10 unit will protect an average sized 2-3 bedroom house. For larger properties, simply use additional devices, placed around the home, to reinforce the deterrent effect.

Totally safe for use with any other electrical items and equipment, the MPR10 features a convenient built-in night light and is safe for use with all pets - as long as they are not rodents!