Nite Eyes Solar Badger & Fox Repeller

Nite Eyes Solar Fox & Badger (image)Solar Fox & Badger

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Nite Eyes works on the simple principle of fear, making the nocturnal prowler believe there is another creature already lurking, providing protection against badgers, foxes, deer & owls for your lawns, hen houses, aviaries, etc.

During the hours of darkness, two red LED lights flash, appearing to be the eyes of another animal, watching the intruder, unnerving them and encouraging them to leave. The lights are automatically switched on when darkness falls and switched off again at dawn.

Designed to be easily mounted on a fence, shed, wall, etc. and tough enough to withstand all weathers, Nite Eyes is totally self-contained, with internal batteries that are constantly recharged during daylight hours by a built-in solar panel charger.

As featured on BBC television's 'Countryfile' programme.