Pest Stop 4000 Pest Repeller

Pest Stop 4000 Pest Repeller (image)4000 Pest Repeller

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RRP £69.96 - save a huge £30 on this great product.

The Pest Stop 4000 pest repeller for larger house is a smart plug-in pest repeller, combining dual deterrent effects of ultra-sonic sound and electromagnetic waves in order to effectively repel mice, rats, crawling insects & spiders. It is chemical and poison free, so completely safe for use with children and pets in your home.

Ultrasonic sound offers protection in open spaces, whilst electromagnetic waves harmlessly pulse around the electrical wiring of your home, getting rid of pests from places that can't be seen.

The Pest Stop 4000 has been recently redesigned not only to be eco-friendly but for an ultra modern look and a significant increase in power, boosting coverage up to a massive 4000 sq.ft. making it perfect for larger houses.

Installation could not be more straightforward as it fits in any standard UK mains socket. New improved settings for energy saving mean that running costs can be as low as a few pennies per month. Will not harm electrical equipment, appliances or devices of any kind.

Additional settings allow for choice of pest to be deterred, such as:

  • rodents
  • crawling insects - ants, cockroaches, woodlice etc.
  • spiders

... and there is even a 'rodent pet safe' setting.

The Pest Stop 4000 is perfectly safe to use and will not cause damage to electrical equipment, appliances or devices of any kind.