Pest Stop Sonic Mole Repeller

Pest Stop Sonic Mole Repeller (image)Sonic Mole Repeller

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The Sonic Mole Repeller is placed in the ground affected by moles where it emits low frequency vibrations roughly every 30 seconds which travel outwards in a circular pattern.

As moles have very poor eyesight but very good hearing, they are able to sense the vibrations and so move away as it may be a source of danger to them.

Maximum coverage is 825 square metres with the best coverage being obtained in dense clay type soil, expect a lesser area of coverage in looser, sandy type soil.

4 D cell type batteries are required to power the device, these are not included but can be bought during the checkout process is so desired.

The batteries can last up to 6 months but the battery quality and varying weather conditions can play a part in the life span.

Whilst the sonic mole repeller is extremely weather resistant, it is a good idea to remove it should the ground become waterlogged or frozen solid.

Warranty: 1 year