Pest Stop Pest Repeller For Whole House

Pest Stop Small House Pest Repeller (image)Small House Pest Repeller

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The Pest-Stop Small House Pest Repeller has taken over from the ever popular PestClear 2000 with a new, more powerful design.

The repeller fights pests on two fronts: using high frequency ultrasonic sound to act as a deterrent in open space while electromagnetic pulses reach into typical rat and mouse hiding places - loft and attic spaces, wall cavities, underfloor areas, anywhere electrical wiring exists.

One Small House repeller will cover up to 2500 square feet, the size of a typical two or three bedroom property.

The new eco-friendly design not only looks good but uses less energy as well.

A pet-safe setting allows the device to be used whilst rodent pets are present.

Can be used for the majority of crawling insects.